StickerBoard™ Reusable Roll Up White Board


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StickerBoard™ Reusable Whiteboard allows you to create a reusable whiteboard from a roll ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Use in the same way as to flip charts and dry-wipe whiteboards. It stays in place until you remove the sheet.


  • Cut Off As Much As You Need
  • Sticks With An Adhesive Back To Any Flat Surface
  • No Wrinkles Or Air Bubbles. A Perfect Seamless Whiteboard

  • Can Be Removed And Reused A Few Times 
  • Easy To Remove, Simply Peel Off
  • 200*45cm Roll

Perfect for meetings, sessions, conferences, at home, in school, workshops etc. Use any dry whiteboard marker or whiteboard pen, wipe clean and reuse.

Package Includes:

1 x  StickerBoard™ Reusable Whiteboard (200*45cm Roll)
1 x Whiteboard Marker