Cat Treats Dispenser & Tumbler Toy

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This is a multi-functional cat toy, combined many advantages from other cat toys. This toy applied with tumbler design, which will shake back and forth when cat is playing, which will attract cat’s attention.

Available in 2 Designs (3 colors):

UFO Shaped

There is a puzzle shelter inside the toy, which made each snack has to be move back and forth before leakage, interest fun of toy and also attract cat’s attention.

Cat Shaped (with 2 Spinning Balls)

There are two yellow balls on the rotating track in the middle waist of the toy, which will keep spinning in the track when cat is playing, in order to increase cat’s interest.

Adjustable Food Leaking Holes

This is not only a cat toy but also a food dispensing ball. You can put cat snacks in the treat ball, to attract cat’s interest.

It can also adjust the speed of food leakage. Turn the dial on the side of the toy to adjust the number of leaking holes.

You can close both leaking holes or choose only one to open, of course you also can open both holes at the same time to fasten the speed of food leaking.

Cat can get snack by a light push, which increase the fun of toy.

    Feather Teaser 

    Both designs come with a small ball attached on top of the feather teaser. It could spin along with the ball, rapidly rise your cat’s attention, and drive your cat crazy lol

    Fits to Any Size Cat Food

    • Different with other food dispensing toy, our toy fits cat food or cat snack in any size.
    • Open the lid by turning it counterclockwise, then put inside cat food/ cat treats.
    • This tumbler Fortune toy is suitable for cat in any age, it can be played indoor and outdoor.

    Perfect interactive cat toy

    Make your exercise actively, reduce the loneliness and bring endless fun to them, especially when you don’t have time to play with them.

    Safe Material

    This product is made of ABS, PC and other healthy plastic, tasteless, healthy, anti-wear, anti-bite and durable, can be used for a long time. 

    Color: Available in Blue, Yellow or Pink