COLD HOTTY™ Stainless Steel Odor-Resistant Insulated Vacuum Bottle & Shake In One

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Attention All Office Workers, Travellers or Gym-Goers!!!

This 2-in-1 Insulated Mug & Shaker is PERFECT to carry ANY drinks!!!

  • Vacuum Insulated Double-Wall to Keep Your Drinks Cold or Warm
  • Stainless Steel with Food Grade Material
  • Odor-Resistant, Anti-Bacterial & Shockproof

  • Quality Leak Proof Seal
  • BPA-FREE 25oz/750ml Bottle
  • Comes With Stainless Steel Food Grade Material Mixing Ball
  • Light Weight With Sleek Design, and Multi-color available
  • This Makes a Perfect Gift for friends & family!!! 

This COLD HOTTY Bottle is made from kitchen grade 304 stainless steel, Moreover, we have added a vacuum insulated double wallto ensure your beverage maintains temperature, with an ability to hold ice intact for up to 30 hours, and keep drinks warm for up to 8 hours!!!


The COLD HOTTY™ Bottle is designed specifically for office workers, travellers or gym-goers who always need to carry their drinks around, with a stainless-steel cup and a sealed top, not to mention a shaking device that will mix your drinks perfectly. Moreover, the lid is not only spill-proofed, but also easy to use due to its flexible cover and rotating carry hook that will help you sip anytime anywhere.

Our bottle is made from high-quality stainless steel that comes with many advantages, such as being shock-resistant. And unlike plastic, this material benefits from being odor-resistant.

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Save your money from replaying the plastic bottle every 3-6 months. With our bottle, you don't have to buy anymore for YEARS!!!! Plus you can also eliminate the need to carry your SMELLY plastic bottle from place to place!!!