Hidden Beer Bottle CoolZBeer

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On average, beer takes approx. 25-30min to increase in temperature and lose its carbonation. Who wants to swig warm beer? Yuk! Lucky for you, our Hidden Beer Bottle CoolZBeer is designed with a stainless steel insulator that completely encases your beverage to keep it colder LONGER! 

This bottle is specially designed to keep your drink hidden. Its exclusive mold was developed to fits most standard 12oz bottles! Beer, Cider or Soda bottles!


  • BPA FREE The stainless-steel Frost Grip metal bottle insulator is BPA-free, rust and corrosion resistant, dishwasher safe and made for the outdoors.
  • INSULATED, TO ALWAYS KEEP YOUR BEER COLD. Our top cap has an inner seal that locks in with your opened beverage keeping your brew ice cold!
  • NO CONDENSATION The insulated metal sleeve is a less reflective white surface and keeps the insulators outside warmer to keep hands from being wet and cold.
  • UNIVERSAL Fits most glass bottles. Bottom is removable to allow bottle to be inserted while the cap screws on and off. With the cap screwed on a seal inside prevents spilling.

Product Specification : 


NEVER BREAK A BOTTLE AGAIN. The beer cooler uses a protective stainless steel casing that keeps your beer sturdy, safe and cold! 

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