Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

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Dinosaurs will never old. If you like dinosaurs too, don't miss our product. Because it brings you more than just laughter. Imagine if you were a dinosaur and you came from the Jurassic period, you passed hundreds of thousands of years of vicissitudes and filled your body with volcanic ash. Behind you is long footprint. You walk in the street, you walk in the campus, you walk in the park, you have attracted the eyes of the world, you have attracted countless screams. You are the king of the parties and the spotlights are all on you. So you took over the world and waved your banners everywhere.

  • GOOD QUALITY -- this is not a one-time use product. It's 100% made in polyester material, durable, soft and comfortable. Even in hot summer, it will not bring discomfort to the body.

  • DOUBLE CONNECTOR -- you can choose to use the battery box (Need 4 x AA batteries), or power bank to keep the fan spinning. (Our product doesn't supply the power bank)

  • SIZE--
-Tall 7.5 feet tall; one size fit for person from 5'3 to 6'5 (160cm-195cm) 
-Tall 5.0 feet tall; one size fit for person from 4'0 to 5'0 (120cm-150cm) 

  • INFLATE QUICKLY -- Fully inflate in 90 seconds. The 9000 rpm fans keep this Costume inflated all the way.
  • VALUE -- Feeling too occupied after used? We present a special storage bag to solve this problem. Further more, when playing, this bag can also be used to carry personal items such as water, telephones, fans, etc.

1 x Inflatable costume 
1 x Battery box 
1 X Fan (fix on the costume) 
2 x Gloves 
1 x Exclusive carrier bag 

SPECIAL: 50% Off & FREE Worldwide Shipping Now for First 300 pcs ONLY!!!