Ez-Klean™ Shaker Bottle

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Our focus is your health! The primary focus of the EzKlean™ Shaker Bottle is to minimize bacteria growth with the introduction of a unique round bottom and modular design that makes cleaning your bottle effortless and eliminates the ability of bacteria accumulation.


  • Sleek Design:This Shaker Bottle adopts a sleek, stylish yet functional design and is the only bottle that truly focuses on the health and hygiene of the user. You can put quite a lot of fruit into the bottle. And it has an aesthetic and practical outlook. The material is BPA free and non-toxic as well.

  • ROUND BOTTOM : The unique round bottom reduces the ability of supplement or smoothie build up. In turn minimizing the ability of bacteria accumulation. It means that EzKlean Shaker Bottle is safe when you used it.

  • EASY TO CLEAN : The ergonomic and modular design makes for an effortless clean ensuring there is no smell or aftertaste for your next use. Also, The smooth thread allows for any easy wipe clean and provides a comfortable lip rest.

It’s perfect for the use of shaking supplements, infusing waters, drinking smoothies and as an everyday water bottle, it’s the multi-purpose fitness bottle for wherever your active lifestyle takes you and for however you choose to fuel and hydrate your body.

Product Specification : 

  • Color : Black
  • Weight : 200g
  • Volume : 600ml
  • BPA free, Bacteria & Odor-resistant, Leak proof, Easy to clean