Fluffy Robotic Cleaning Ball

Current Status: Super Awesurf Special

  • Super Awesurf Special: 25% Off + FREE 3 Different Colors of Microfibre Fur Coats. Limited to First 100 Orders Only!
  • Early Bird Special: 10% Off + FREE 1 Microfibre Fur Coats for next 300 Orders.
  • Online Special: 5% Off until current inventory sold out
  • It's the fluffy robotic duster with a mind of its own
  • Roams freely round your house cleaning your floors
  • Shrouded in pink/orange/green microfibre fur to attract dust and dirt
  • Also the greatest pet toy in history
  • Changes direction whenever it hits an obstacle

This "Fluffy Robotic Cleaning Ball" is one of the cutest in the recent trend for robotic vaccum cleaners in Japan. It is a colorful "fur" ball that rolls automatically around home cleaning. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is clean the fury cover and then let the ball do the rest!

It has an internal timer so this "fluffy ball" will roll around every 15 mins picking up dust & dirt in all those annoying nooks & crannies under the furniture. When the floor is clean, just slip off the mop & wash it.

Get one now and you will get 1+3 different colors (pink, orange & green) of microfiber coat in a box (Limited to First 100 Orders Only).

The coat can be brushed clean & is easily removed to be hand- or machine washed.

Did we also mention that it's the greatest pet toy ever made? Now you can come home to sparkly clean floors AND exhausted pets :)