HBF - The Best Savior Ever

Current Status: Early Bird Special

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  • Made of natural, colored Keratin Fibers
  • Magnetized with static energy
  • Wind, rain and sweat resistant
  • Removes easily with shampoo
  • For all hair types and textures
  • For men and women

A thinning hairline can be a bit of a problem. Bald spots and flashes of shiny scalp often make for an embarrassing situation. Fortunately, with Natural Hair Building Fibers, you’ll be embarrassed no more!

This awesome product is guaranteed safe to use without any side effects, even when applied on sensitive scalp. It’s made of natural cotton powder and mineral composition that will automatically cling to your existing hair, like tiny magnets, when sprinkled. Simply apply it on the spot you desire and—voila! There goes your additional hair that looks so full, natural, and fully integrated.

The bonds are secure enough that you can even comb or brush it! It’s wind and rain resistant. It doesn’t smear or stain. And yet, you can easily remove it by showering. It’s that convenient!

Say hello to this fantastic hair loss solution! Boost your confidence now with our Natural Hair Building Fibers! Because your crowning glory is something you should be proud of.