Leather Repair Patch

Current Status: Early Bird Special

  • Early Bird Special - 33% Off for the first 300 pcs
  • Online Special -  10% Off for the following until current inventory sold out!


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : Our leather repair patch is soft enough and high viscosity, so you can cut it into various shapes with scissors easily. Also leather patch kit has the fiber that can make the peel patch tougher and abrasion resistance.
  • RELIABLE MATERIAL CONTROL : Compared with other unscrupulous merchants, our products have higher quality materials and higher thickness.

  • APPLY TO ALL : The leather patch kit can be used in any situation that requires a renewal of aging leather and vinyl surfaces. Damaged surfaces found in any vehicle such as automobiles, aircraft, marine-craft, or any furniture such as sofas, chairs.

  • APPEARANCE IS LUXURIOUS : paste in the break or stain is not easy to be found.


  1. Clean the damaged surface
  2. Cut the desired shape
  3. Peel and stick. Premium self-adhesive repair patch help you cope with all kinds of scratches or hole problems easily.

Tips : please clean the object and keep dry before pasting



  • Size : 25*30cm / 10*12inches
  • Weight : 23.6 ounces / 12.3 ounces / 1.4 ounces
  • Material : PU Artificial Leather
  • Color :Black / White / Red / Navy Blue / Deep Grey / Green / Deep Coffee / Coffee / Brown / Khaki / Beige / Light Grey


  • Self-adhesive leather patch : 25*30cm