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To separate the kitchen worktop and walls from stubborn oil stains.
To save drawers, cabinets and shelves from dust and dirt.
To coat your appliances with an elegant self-adhesive aluminum layer.
To facilitate cleaning of all smooth surfaces.
We offer you a premium kitchen sticker with 1000 + 1 applications that will drive you crazy for its practicality!

Magic Aluminum Sticker
  • Make your kitchen A healthier place!
Made of top quality aluminum, this kitchen sticker will drive you crazy with its efficiency!
It is much more resistant than personalized PVC wallpaper.
Try a sturdy and long-lasting adhesive, for prolonged and reliable use on all surfaces of your kitchen!
  •  Perfect protective cover for the kitchen!
Resistant to oil and stains : Prevents grease and oil from staining and dirtying the whole kitchen, including cabinets, stoves, counters and walls.
Waterproof, mold and fire resistant : prevents water from leaking under the sink and prevents the formation of mold. It resists temperatures up to 250 Celsius which can be used for a long time and do not deform.
  • Easy to cut to the size you need!
Just measure the size of the surface to be covered, easy to cut thanks to the guidelines to be cut to size on the removable rear sticker and you're done!
Easy to apply and immediately removable when you no longer need it, this aluminum kitchen sticker is made for your convenience.
  • Auto-Adhesive 
The removable back adhesive has grid lines cut to size for easy measurement and placement, easy to create new looks or repair the appearance of any existing smooth surface.
  • Suitable in your home!
Elegant, trendy and captivating, this easy-to-use sticker will add a trendy style to the decor of your home!
Explore its versatile use by applying it in wardrobes, worktops, TV stands, dining tables, wardrobes, dishwashers, refrigerators, appliances, etc.
  • Cleaning easier than ever 
Run with a cloth to dust or wash with soapy water to keep it fresh and healthy!
Cleaning has never been easier, even for persistent sauce stains!

How to use it:

Clean and dry the surface with mild soap and water. Make sure the surface is flat and cannot be carved.
Just cut the size you want.
Use a tea towel or cardboard to remove any air bubbles.