Mini Portable Foot Massage Roller & Acupoint Massager

A Perfect Health Care Relaxation ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain In Seconds!!!

Experience the ultimate foot massage at home with the stunningly simple Rolling Foot Massager. A simple relaxing foot massage is the best way to treat your feet after a long day walking around the shops, but there may not always be a willing masseuse on hand to do the honors! Giving a foot rub doesn't appeal to everyone. That's where the Rolling Foot Massager comes in handy.
  • ENJOY FOOT RELAXATION- It's a simple massage tool which can help stimulate the blood circulation. Relax and enjoy relief from pain and stress!
  • FUNCTIONALITY- Designed according to human foot's acupuncture points which can relieve fatigue and stimulate the circulation of blood. Great for heel pain, plantar Fasciitis, arch pain, It can also be used to massage your palms, feet, ankle, shank, arms, neck and back, etc.
  • MATERIAL- Made of high-quality and durable medical-grade ABS plastic material, which is safe to human body. Environment-friendly product, electricity is unnecessary. No toxic and side-effect to use, it's suitable for family.
  • FEATURE- Easy carrying on and using. Suitable for using at anywhere and anytime, Special design to remove toxin and keep fit, Unique wheel design for comprehensively foot massage to reach full health.
  • Orthopedically designed to rival professional masseuses, this cleverly conceived Foot Massager has 3 rows of arched plastic wheels to deliver firm, relaxing strokes to the toes, ball of foot, arch and heel. These wheels rotate for soothing relief whenever you've been on your feet all day.
  • This compact foot massager fits conveniently in the smallest of bathroom cabinets and will never complain when you ask it to give your feet a little attention!
  • Ideal for use at home or in the office, you can even store the Rolling Foot Massager surreptitiously under your desk at work, kick off your shoes and roll the ball of your foot along the massager when you're feeling a little tense.
  • When it comes to bathroom gadgets and pampering products, there's no need to spend a fortune in order to relax. So, if you like to nurture your mind, body and soul, don't neglect your feet! And, if you want to give someone you love a sensual foot massage, but you're not sure how to give a foot massage, then give them the foot roller massager that knows exactly how to reach their sole.
  • Foot reflexology is an ancient form of pressure treatment that focuses pressure on certain reflex points located in the feet. These reflex points correspond to other areas of the body. The benefits of foot reflexology include increased circulation, relaxation and stress relief. Foot Massagers can be used to achieve these massaging effects.

1. Suggested using with sitting on a chair in order to strengthen the effectiveness of this product. 

2. Due to different kind of people, adjust the time and potency dimension according to personal feelings. 
3. Keep foot slide up and down, assure all of acupuncture points of your foot are reached.if you don't want to keep your feet moving, put your feet on which position is desired and feel the pressure. 

4.You may feel pain at the beginning of using and it probably means your physical condition is not good, keep using everyday will reduce pain and strengthen your immunity. 

5.If your cannot bear strong stimulate, wear socks to alleviate it.