Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats

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There’s nothing like firing up the barbecue when summer arrives, but it’s no fun having to scrub it clean it afterward. Helping you enjoy your juicy burgers and kebabs without the arduous aftermath, our Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats keep all the fat and food away from your grill and are a doddle to clean.

Make cleanup after meal prep easy with this nonstick baking mat. The dishwasher-safe design keeps this mat clean and ready for use, and the durable construction withstands the heat of your cooking surfaces. Perfect for use as a pan liner or when grilling smaller items, this reusable mat makes a versatile addition to your kitchen utensil collection.


100% NON-STICK & NO MESS:It is 100% non-stick means you can grill without grease and the mat are reusable for years. You could also use it when baking pastry so no need to use disposable baking paper (eco-friendly). It also prevents even the smallest morsels from falling through the grates.

OUTSTANDING HEAT-RESISTANT:These barbecue cooking mats are made of heat-resistant technologically advanced materials that look similar to a plastic mat, however. These mats are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

DISHWASHER-SAFE:Makes grilling anything easy and ends messy grill clean-up entirely! These mats are safe for use on the top shelf of your dishwasher, clean-up is a breeze!

ROBUST & LONG LASTING:These robust, reusable liners retain no odor or flavor from previous cooking, and the super hard-wearing, PTFE non-stick coating means each one will see you through years of barbecuing.


  • Size:12*16 inches / 40*33cm
  • Color: Black/Copper
  • Material: PTFE-fiberglass