ModernStrings™ Pocket Guitar Practice On-The-Go


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For the true blue musician, his musical instrument is always nearby and ready to make sweet music. But whether you're a newbie or a veteran guitar player, a similar audio quality of a real guitar can be found in the form of  ModernStrings™ Pocket Guitar ANYWHERE!

ModernStrings™ Pocket Guitar is designed to mimic the 4-fret/6-fret handle of a guitar. It's lightweight and portable, making it ideal for practicing chords, riffs, and other finger tricks you can do on a real guitar. When you can't always be lugging around a big guitar and you suddenly get hit with inspiration, this one can simply be pulled out of your pocket, ready-to-play! Strive to be the best musician you can be with this awesome instrument.

  • Made of high-quality material and with fine workmanship, durable in use.
  • Mini size, portable for daily carry.
  • An addicting instrument that can be taken everywhere.
  • Great for improving your finger dexterity and speeding up the progress of guitar playing.
  • Genuine strings bring wonderfully life-like feeling.
  • Best choice for yourself or as a gift for your dear friends.
  • Specially designed for guitar enthusiasts for daily practice or entertainment.
  • FREE 1 Tool for tightness of strings adjustment + Pocket Bag

Grab one now so that you can now silently practice on the bus, in a taxi, in your lunch break at work - virtually anywhere! 

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