POF Heat Shrink Wrap Bags (100 pcs)

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Multi-use - 4 different sizes suitable for a very wide variety of products, eg : bath bombs, essential oil dropper bottles and many other items.

Easy to Use - High shrinkage rate, you can use a hair dryer to shrink.

Protects Products - Using the shrink wrap bags on your products, not only makes them look more professional, but also prevents nicks, dents and damage to the product.

Waterproof with Excellent sealing - Help to protect food from bacteria, remain clean and fresh, also retains the fresh smell of food, and it makes item gift-basket or tray ready.

😎Make your goods well preserved


Color : Transparent
Material : POF
Size : 

  • (S): 3.2" x 10" (8cm x 25cm)

  • (M): 8" x 14" (19cm x 35cm)

  • (L): 12" x 18" (30cm x 45cm)

  • (XL): 16" x 22.5" (40cm x 57cm)


      • 1 set x POF Heat Shrink Wrap Bags (100 pieces)

      Note : Its made with food-grade quality and environment-friendly POF material. The processed design will ensure its practicability in the work of highly performance.