Germfree™ Portable Toothbrush Holder & Casing with Wash Cup For Travel & Home


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    • Compact & Multifunction Organizer: Organize your daily sanitizing tools such as toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and liquid lotion in one compact container at home or traveling. 
    • High Quality & Durable: Made of high-quality food-grade PC material which are non-poison, odorless and durable at high temperature. It's Anti-Bacterial with its unique sealed structure.

    • Lightweight & Portable: It's sturdy and won't easily break after falling to the ground. And it's so lightweight that you can carry it everywhere.

    • Separable into Two: It is connected by an attachment and can be separated as two cups. One can be used as a wash cup.
    • Easy to clean: Inner trays could be taken apart for cleaning

    • Unique Design: This portable case looks like capsule which is cool and innovative. Compact design and reduced dimensions allow you to store this product in any traveling bags and suitcases. Even for home used, it doesn't take up room when on a bathroom counter.