Brighthis™ Ultimate Reflex Ball

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This Ultimate Reflex Ball is The BEST & FUN  activity to stay active & healthy.It can increase everyone's agility, eye-hand coordination, reflexes, while having a good time!!! 
  • Suitable for man or woman, teenager or child, even boxing or karate trainer
  • Perfect accessory for Stress Relieve
  • Enhance Endurance & Body Reaction
  • It comes with Adjustable Headband. So You don't have to be a professional boxer to use fight ball! Everyone can use it to train, have fun or release stress!

  • A perfect indoor & outdoor physical activity/excercise
  • Increase Focus, Concentration & Confidencewhile having fun!!!

  • TRIED AND TESTED quality product; Adjustable headband to fit all sizes.
  • Our Reflex Ball is THREE Times Lighter & Softer and, More Importantly, SAFER than others in the market. It’s SUPER SOFT outside and poses No Risk to eyes and hands.

    Tip for Beginner: New learner should slow down hitting speed and strength, and pay attention to rebounding 

      Package includes:

      • Elastic Headband
      • A lightweight ball
      • Stretchable string attached to the ball