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DIY exercises your hands-on ability(This product needs to be assembled by yourself), this product has no lethality and is safe to use. It's a toy worth collecting

The model with stunning accuracy and attention to detail, focusing on everything from 1:1 real-life scale to functioning cocking and trigger mechanisms. Each toy is ultra-realistic in look and feel, but mostly harmless—perfect for display or your next backyard battle.

The TOY by our features :

  • A fully functional bolt action mechanism
  • Bullets that can be fired
  • Fully functional slide
  • 11 round removable magazine
  • Magazine release button
  • Working slide lock
  • Iron sights
  • Easy to change rubber bands

Build the best working replica of one of the world's strongest handguns. 

(2020 Must-have toys)

Kit comes with :

  • All the parts you need all in one package!
  • 1 x Pre-made Firing String
  • 6 x big rubber bands for shooting
  • 6 x small mechanism rubber bands 

Please Note : Black and Gold color currently sold out.