SleepDream™ Pillow

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The answer to your sleep woes 

SleepDream™ pillow is the perfect solution that combines soothing comfort and therapeutic cervical spine relief.

  • Relieves pressure on the necks intervertebral disks by aligning the cervical spine, distributing weight evenly, helping relieve pressure, neck, shoulder, and back stiffness and soreness.
  • Keeps airway aligned and unrestricted to alleviate snoring.
  • Reduces stress and blood pressure. Improves mood, memory, and concentration.


Butterfly Shaped Design : Fits all sleeping posture & adapts to your head, neck & shoulders, which can also relieve neck, shoulder pain & reduce snoring and turning.

Breathable & Comfortable : Made with premium memory foam to improve the quality of your sleep.

Slow Rebound Memory Foam : The material of the pillow is temperature sense memory foam. As the temperature becomes low, the pillow will get a little firm. 


For back sleepers -- The pillow cradles your head and neck in order to make you breathe optimally 

For side sleepers -- The pillow aligns your neck, head and spine, fills in the distance between your head and your shoulder.



On your back : With no firm support, your head is prone to be pushed forward. Your neck is then stretched out of alignment. This creates neck, back & shoulder pains, plus headaches as well as increases the chances of snoring.

On your side : Your neck and head are too easily stretched out of alignment because traditional pillows are not high enough. Also, your spine is not kept level, which aggravates neck, back and shoulder problems.

Traditional pillows are often too warm and trap in moisture that can cause odor and bacteria growth.


On your back : The ‘Wedge Extension’ supports your upper back correctly. The ‘Cervical Contour’ supports your neck properly. The ‘Center Cavity’ cradles your head comfortably. This ensures correct spinal alignment and helps reduce snoring.

On your side : Your neck and head are comfortably rested naturally on the raised sides which accommodate the height of your shoulder. This keeps your spine level. The ‘Side Cavity’ is contoured and flexible for extra comfort while you sleep on your side.


1. What is the size of the pillow?

  • Ans: The size is 50 X 30cm

2. Is it washable?

  • Only pillowcase is washable. If the SleepDream™ pillow is dirty you can let the pillow core air off about 1-2 days

3. Does it come with pillow cases?

  • Yes, it comes with a customised pillowcase

4. Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes, we do and it comes with tracking number

5. What is SleepDream™ pillow made of

  • Made of breathable memory foam for comfort