The Ultimate Reusable Smart Notebook



  • The latest Smart Notebook now EACH PAGE can be used up to 500 times! It supports both Apple and Android users, using Elfinbook application scans to back up notes.


  • This latest Elfinbook 2.0 is a damp-cloth-or-heat-to-erase (hair drier would be perfect) reusable notebook that is made out of stones! All paper of Elfinbook is acid-free fine-grained paper. Each page of Elfinbook can be microwaved/earased and reused up to 500times. The cover of Elfinbook is made of hard, untearable plastic. Put it wherever you want, and it will be brand new as always.


  • Download Elfinbook APP. Scan with your phones to store anything your write on Elfinbook in PDF. Sync your work easily to cloud services – Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, Onedrive, Baidu Netdisk, & more – Perfectly organized. Whenever! Wherever! Whatever! 


  • Now your notes are safe and organized in your smartphone or tablet. You may name your notes, manage them to different folders, edit them if needed and quickly search them whenever you need. Suitable for students, engineers, designers, managers and anyone who wants to be more organized, creative and productive.


  • This is the latest Elfinbook 2.0! Your secret of high efficiency. From now on, for study, for work, for drawing and writing, just one Elfinbook is enough! Stop buying notebooks. Stop wasting your money. This is the last notebook you’ll ever need!!!

Package List:

1 * Elfin Book Smart Reusable Notebook 2.0 (Available in 2 sizes: B5 or A5)

1 * M&G Erasable Pen (Black)


  1. Can I use Elfin book forever?
    This new Elfin Book 2.0 Each Page can be used 500times, which is enough for your permanent usage if you use 8 notebooks one year. 
  2. What is the brand of water erasable colored pencils that can be used with my elfin book?
    Pilot Pen is suggested. You can also buy pens from other brands if it is erasable.
  3. I see A5 and B5 and that there are a difference number of pages....I want to know if there is a size difference
    Yes, A5 and B5 have a size difference. Actually, B5 is bigger than A5. You can see the real shot on the product picture.