Smartphone Magnifier

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  • Easy to use! Just load your phone into the retro-styled cardboard TV
  • Magnifies your phone screen two times
  • Watch you phone content on a 8'' screen
  • Product: Height 7.3 in/ 18.5cm, Width 7.4 in/ 18.8cm, Depth 12.2 in/ 31cm.
  • After Pack: Height  7.2 in/ 18.3cm, Width  7.5 in/ 19cm, Depth  3.1 in/ 7.9cm.

FAQ about Smartphone Magnifier

Does the IPhone 6/6Plus/7/7Plus/8/8Plus/ IPhone X Fit?
Ans: Yes! Definitely

Is it 220v ?
Ans: 220 volts? No its not runned on any electricity, it enhances your phones image and it does a good job on the galaxy s7. Hope that was your question. 

Does it magnified sound too?
Ans: No, just picture not sound 

Can you use your head phones with it
Ans: Yes, if they plug in at the top or bottom of your device and the lead is long enough. There's a hole provided in the slide-in case for your device, which lets you trail the lead out of the main box (although it's marked as a slot for the power cable, which makes little difference if you don't need to charge).