Travel Messanger Carry Storage Bag With Shockproof Inner Lining Protection For Men & Women

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This High-quality Travel Messanger Carry Bag has the sheepskin grainy leather feel with shockproof inner lining protection inside with smooth and soft feeling.

It can effectively resist scratches and protect your every-day-carry like smartphones, gadgets, wallet, keys, glasses or any accessories.

  • Convenient and Stylish: Simple and elegant appearance, rounded transitions, and leather strap.
  • High-quality Materials: Sheepskin-pattern PU leather texture, built-in soft plush lining, feel smooth and soft, can effectively prevent scratches and protect your accessories with its shcokproof inner lining cover.

  • Extreme High-end Touch: The surface layer is made of sheep skin pattern PU leather. It has a skin-like feel and you will love it when you use it. The inner layer is made of plush material with shockproof inner lining cover and is the best treatment for your gadgets.

  • High Specification Design and Craftsmanship: Perfect chamfer arc design. High Quality Leather metal ring zipper.
  • Wide Applicability: Perfect for your every-day-carry like wallets, smartphones, gadgets, powerbank, earphones, chargers and other digital products and accessories storage.

Material: Sheepskin PU leather and plush
Size: 28 * 15 * 2.5 cm (11 * 6 * 1 inches)
Weight: 150g