Two-player game table chess

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Stay away from electronic devices and have a wonderful showdown with your family

Each team is divided into 5 pieces. Place your finger on the shard and pull back with the rubber band. Release your finger to eject the debris forward. Aim at the hole and shoot at the opponent.

If you have completely occupied your opponent, you can take the 3 2 win system. Proper interaction with parents is an artificial tool for friends and family to relax and entertain. Fast and exciting chess game, always ready Meet your passion challenge.


  • Rapid stimulation:Ready to adjust the state of preparation at any time, you can decide the outcome in an instant.
  • Hand-eye coordination:To win, you must adjust your hand-eye ability to the extreme.
  • stay with family:Put down the electronic device and laugh with the family in the afternoon sun.
  • Environmental protection:The use of fast-growing logs and green paint will not cause harm to the human body.

Products Includes : 

1 x Two-player game table chess