UltraS™ Premium Magnetic IPHONE Casing 9H tempered glass


Do you have the best protection for your smartphone yet? Here’s one of today’s most in-demand iPhone case in the market — the UltraS™ Premium Magnetic IPHONE Case!


  • Crafted from Grade A aluminum and 9H Tempered Glass makes it extra lightweight yet less prone to damage
  • Enjoy zero connection interference. Aluminum is well-known to effectively amp up wireless signal so you're not only assured no loss of connection, it might just help boost it even more.

  • Cleverly designed sidebars keeps your screen, camera and phone body from direct damage for those inevitable accidental phone drops
  • The multiple magnetic locks attached on the sidebars make for easy phone access and easy installation. Open it sideways, flip from top to bottom or vice versa, or take off the cover like you would a lid, while at the same time providing foolproof adsorption - there's no way you're phone's falling off unsafe

When it comes to keeping your phone safe and damage-free, there's no other phone case that could be better than this. Check out the different iphone models for iPhone and get yours now!

Material: Grade A Aluminum, Silicone and 9H tempered glass
Available Units:
iPhone 6/6S or 6 Plus /6S Plus ,iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, iPhone X
Package Inclusions: 1 pc. UltraS™ Premium Magnetic IPHONE Case