Brand New Universal Car 360° GPS HUD Heads Up Display Mobile Phone Holder

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  • Our product turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud). It can be used with any car you currently have and it will reflect any hud-based smartphone app. It positions the desired information right in the driver's line of sight and is the most affordable HUD product on the market.

  • The head up display shows/reflects just enough information directly into the driver's field of view, allowing you to maintain constant focus of the traffic, with no extra distraction. Also, you don′t need a additional GPS unit due to turn-by-turn navigation features of modern smart phones apps. It will reflect any HUD-based app (GPS Navigation) image or YouTube video clearly in front of your eyes, letting you see the navigation instructions clearly without lowering your head.

  • You don′t have any need for an extra anti slip mat, car mount nor air vent magnetic phone holder. Our HUD will hold your phone and prevent the phone from sliding off the dash. It can be used with a variety of smartphones such as iPhones, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei etc.

  • The head-up display shows your desired information, which you need in order to focus on driving. This can include everything from your current speed, GPS navigation to the recount of your engine and even various temperature gauges.


❤ HUD Safe Driving --Double modes to navigation. Stay away from the danger of heads down!

❤ Safe and Stable - It can reflect image very clearly while keeping transparency at the same time. The reflected image is discernible in any visibility (day and night).

❤ Variety Base - Demountable base for freely retractable, 360 degree rotable, and quick setup. Convenient for driving, easily fixed, anti-slip and safe, unblock the eyesight.

❤ Broad Compatibility - It is suitable for all of the Android smartphones and iPhone. Turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud) for any car.

❤ This HUD car cradle can keep your eyes looking forward all the time when you are navigating, picking up a phone call or switching music while driving.