Waterproof Travel Wash Bag With Hook For Men & Women


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Designed with Emphasis on Quality, Comfort, Space-Efficiency, Durability & Functionality!

Packing for your trip the fastest and most organized way has never been easier.

This multi-compartment travel wash bag with hook is all you need for an easier, smarter & quicker packing experience. 

Ingenious design, separate storage spaces and multiple compartments making your packing experience so much easier & safer.

Now you can protect your fragile items with the extra care they need. Organize and dedicate separate storage space for your travel kits for a much better and more organized travel experience.  

This travel wash bag is made of high-quality Oxford cloth. It's sturdy and waterproof, wear & dirt-resistant and easily fits in lots of full sized items like shampoo, shower gel, facial wash etc

  • This bag can be folded and has a hook for hanging, easy for use

  • This travel kit/wash bag can hold your towel, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, cosmetics etc

  • Premium, Stylish & Compact design with a sturdy handle to carry easily